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Roelie Rossouw started Rossouws Attorneys in Bloemfontein in 1988 as a branch office for Rossouw & Partners, then from Welkom. Hendré Conradie joined the firm in November of 1990. At that stage the firm consisted of the two aforementioned attorneys, a receptionist, 3 typists, 2 candidate attorneys and 2 filing clerks. Roelie Rossouw focussed on Commercial Law and Hendré Conradie on Litigation.

During March of 1994 the Bloemfontein branch broke away from the Welkom office to form its own separate partnership. By this time Hendré Conradie was a full partner. Rossouws Attorneys quickly expanded into a large Commercial Law firm.

In May of 1997 Rossouws Attorneys incorporated and four directors were appointed namely Roelie Rossouw, Hendré Conradie, Mark Barnaschone and Danie van Huyssteen. In May of 1998 a further director namely Mauritz Holtzhausen was appointed. These directors are discussed in further detail a little later on in this profile. Danie van Huyssteen has left Rossouws Attorneys at the end of 1999.

In October of 1998 the Company moved to new premises. The offices are situated at 119 Pres. Reitz Avenue, Westdene, Bloemfontein. The main reasons for the move were that the company had outgrown its previous premises and the fact that the new site had more parking for both staff and clients, which in turn improved our accessibility to clients.

The company has grown in a little over 11 years from 8 employees to close on 50.

The company has adopted an aggressively managed affirmative action policy and has made various affirmative action appointments.


Internal Networks

Rossouws Attorneys is a dynamic law practice and we constantly strive to employ resources of the highest quality and standard in the execution of our duties. As is obvious from the below CV’s of the attorneys in practise only people of the highest quality are employed at Rossouws Attorneys. We further believe that it is essential to not only have the best human resources at our disposal, but also the best technological resources.

Rossouws Attorneys prides itself on its state of the art technological applications, which it implements in the office. The firm boasts one of the most advanced computer network systems in the business. All staff members are connected to the Internet. Inter office communication is also effected via this system. Rossouws Attorneys has 24-hour access to all possible electronic legal material and assistance such as:

  • Legal publications
  • Law reports
  • Government gazettes
  • Registrar of companies
  • Deeds office, etc.

All these applications have proven to enhance client service levels and thereby client satisfaction. Whereas in the past one would have to search through a vast array of books and publications to find what a client is looking for all this information is now available electronically at the touch of a button.

Further resources, which are used to enhance our client service strategy, include the following:

A Piper Seneca III aeroplane. This gives the Company quick and easy nationwide access to clients, correspondents and courts of law.

Two motorcycles and three vehicles, which are used by specifically dedicated staff members for the purpose of deliveries in and around Bloemfontein so as to avoid postal delays. We at Rossouws Attorneys believe in going to the client instead of waiting for the client to come to us.

A company can however not be successful if it only concentrates internally on its own operations. It has to be in touch with its environment and the changes taking place therein. It is for this purpose that we at Rossouws Attorneys also believe in forging valuable external networks, which again are used in improving our overall levels of service and advice.

External Networks

Rossouws Attorneys strives to offer a one-stop service/solution to its clients whereby all the needs of the client can be met and not only the client’s legal needs. It is for this purpose that we as a company are in constant contact with other professions and knowledgeable institutions, such as:

  • Financial
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Property Developers
  • Estate agents

These external networks have also proven in the past to enhance and improve our client service levels as the relationship with them directly benefits our many clients.

It is very evident from the above that client satisfaction is our main driving force. Rossouws Attorneys believes in quality, service and in delighting our client and it is therefore no surprise that the vision of our company is:

“To give supreme advice and assistance on all legal and related matters, through the effective utilisation of all the resources available to us in the constant strive of delighting our clients.”

Attorneys in Practice


Roelie (Roelof Johannes) Rossouw

Roelie was born on 30 December 1948 in Reitz. He grew up and attended school in Welkom – Goudveld High School. He attended the University of Pretoria where he studied for the degree of BSC Engineering. Two years later he enrolled at the University of the Orange Free State where he studied law and more specifically B. Iuris

In 1973 he was admitted as Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary public.
Roelie’s field of expertise lies mainly in Property Law and he can be regarded as an expert in this field. This is also one of the main reasons why so many financial institutions use him to do their legal work. Other fields of expertise include:

Value Added Tax legislation
Creation of Trusts and Companies and any matters relating thereto
Estate planning
Hendré (Johan Hendré) Conradie

Hendré was born on 23 November 1962 in Welkom, Free State Province. He grew up and attended school in Welkom. He studied at the University of the Orange Free State. He received his B. Iuris degree in 1983, his LLB degree in 1985 and his LLM in 1986 and was admitted as a practising attorney in March of 1989.

In 1991 he joined Rossouws Attorneys where he started both the litigation and collection departments. He specialises mainly in Supreme Court litigation matters and more specifically:

Zoning of properties
Contracts and commercial matters.
Further to these matters Hendré also focuses on the following motion court applications:
Liquidations & sequestrations
Appointment of Curators, etc.
Mauritz (Mauritz) Holtzhausen

Mauritz was born in 1971 in Bloemfontein. He grew up and attended school in Bloemfontein and enrolled at the University of the Orange Free State in 1991. He received the degree B. Proc in 1993 and started his articles at Rossouws Attorneys in 1994. Mauritz was admitted as Attorney, Notary Public and Conveyancer in 1996. He was appointed as a professional assistant at Rossouws Attorneys. He practised as a conveyancing attorney and become a director on 1 May 1998.

Mauritz’s fields of expertise include the following:

Transfer of immovable property ownership
Sectional titles
Rezoning, consolidation and subdivision of property
Mauritz is also regarded as a leading expert on Transfer Duty and Stamp Duty legislation.

Professional Assistants

Retha Terblanche

Oba van Zyl