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  • Property
  • Corporate
  • Litigation

Legal Services

Our Services


Rossouws Attorneys serves major South African Financial Institutions and Corporate Property Developers and has been for quite a number of years.

We are able to render inter alia the following services:

  • Transfer of freehold and leasehold properties
  • Registration of mortgage and notarial bonds
  • Sub-division of property
  • Property development
  • Submission of proposals for Project Finance
  • Re-zoning, consolidation and subdivision of properties
  • Sectional Titles


All forms of commercial and corporate work. Our clients include various financial institutions and property developers.


Criminal syndicates may attempt to induce you to make payments to us into bank accounts that do not belong to us. This form of fraud may be perpetrated through emails, letters, electronic or other correspondences that may appear to have emanated from us, by changing the contents of pdf documents, by hacking your email account and by many other means.

Before making any payment to us, you must verify that the account into which payment will be made is our legitimate bank account and you are therefore required to contact us by telephone to confirm the correctness of our banking details before any payment is made to us. Remember that hackers and criminals are able to change our telephone number on documents or in emails and you must therefore ensure that when you contact us by telephone to confirm our banking details, that you are using our correct telephone number, e.g. by searching our telephone number on the internet and our website.